Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

82 Mueller Sports Medicine The One Ankle Brace Extremely light and low-profile, wear in shoes. Features adjustable figure 8 straps, anti-slip criss-crossing side straps, and top elas- tic finishing straps. Order by shoe size. SM m 7-9, w 8-10 46641 70-5806 MD m 9-11, w 10-12 46642 70-5814 LG m 11-13, w 12-14 46643 70-5822 XL m 13-15, w 14-16 46644 70-5863 Hg80 Premium Soft Ankle Brace with Straps features Hydracinn mois- ture-wicking fabric, antimicrobial barrier, stirrup straps, dynamic criss-cross figure 8 straps. Includes carrying bag. Neoprene-free. Order by shoe size. SM m 7-9, w 8-10 49711 70-5988 MD m 9-11, w 10-12 49712 70-5996 LG m 11-13, w 12-14 49713 70-6002 XL m 13-15, w 14-16 49714 70-6010 Adjustable Ankle Support features criss-cross tension straps. Universal. Blister pack 4547 69-0792 Box 6511 83-2840 Adjust to Fit Ankle Brace made of soft pliable vinyl with supportive steel springs and nylon tircot/foam lining. Universal size. 4571 69-0800 Mueller Stirrup Ankle Brace features anatomically designed shell, inflatable air cell, wraparound strap, and adjustable heel strap. Inflation tube included. Universal. 6417 70-5749 Mueller Extra Low Profile Ankle Brace features flexible elastic back panel, internal plastic stays, high-cut front and extra-low profile design, soft fabric window over the ankle. Antimicrobial. Order by shoe size. SM m 7-9, w 8-10 43001 70-6028 MD m 9-11, w 10-12 43002 70-6036 LG m 11-13, w 12-14 43003 70-6044 XL m 13-15, w 14-16 43004 70-6051 Elastic Ankle Support Lightweight elastic knit with top weave, reinforced trimmed edges, and contour design. Order by shoe size. SM m 7-9, w 8-10 47631 69-0545 MD m 9-11, w 10-12 47632 69-0552 LG m 11-13, w 12-14 47633 69-0560 XL m 13-15, w 14-16 47634 69-0578 “Green” Adjustable Ankle Support features strapping system and seam- less design, fits inside most shoes. Made from recycled materials. Universal size. 86511 70-6085 Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer features neoprene blend, arch panel of breath- able HydraMesh, criss-cross straps, top and bottom sectional design, side stays and extended height. Universal size. Blister pack 44547 69-0834 Retail box 6518 83-2857 Orthopedic Ankle Supports 3M Ace Tekzone Deluxe Ankle Brace Contoured brace features gel cushion positioned around achilles and ankle bone, neoprene blend material, cotton terry lining, and easy quick lacing system. Antimicrobial material. Universal size. 207736 54-8271 Ace Ankle Support Neoprene support provides additional heat retention to improve circulation and promote healing. Features antimi- crobial material and hook/loop fasten- ers. Universal size. 207248 54-8263 Ace Elasto-Preene Ankle Support Elastic/neoprene blend provides support and stability and benefits of heat retention. Features breathable neoprene-blend panel stitched around the ankle joint and finished, reinforced edges to prevent rolling. Measure ankle circumference. SM/MD 6.5"-9" 207525 54-8248 LG/XL 9.5"-12.5" 207526 54-8255 Ace Ankle Support Elastic knit sleeve for mild support with unique seamless design to ensure comfort- able fit and even compression, and reinforced edges to prevent rolling. Measure ankle circumference. SM 7"-8" 207300 54-8131 MD 8.25"-10" 207301 54-8149 LG 10.25"-12" 207302 54-8156 3M Futuro Futuro Sport Adjustable Ankle Support Durable neoprene-blend with adjustable strap and heel loop for easy application. Universal size. 09037EN 56-1654 Futuro Stirrup Ankle Brace For comfortable, firm support. Wear over a sock and inside shoe. Features patented soft-edge design, anatomi- cally-designed shells, inflatable air cells, and adjustable heel strap. Universal size. 484422EN 56-1811 Futuro Comfort Lift Ankle Support For mild support can be worn inside shoes. Sleek sleeve of breathable, dual-stretch power knit materials has comfort panel to reduce bunching. Use on right or left ankle, measure around heel and instep. SM 10"-12.5" 76581EN 56-1993 MD 12.5"-15" 76582EN 56-2009 LG 15"-17.5" 76583EN 56-2017 Futuro Sport Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer Wraparound style fits comfortably inside shoes, wicks away moisture, has reinforced side stabiliz- ers, and adjustable closure. Universal size. 46645EN 56-2215