Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

83 Universal Ankle Brace Single-piece brace feaures two polypropylene outer shells connected with a soft footpiece to miminize rotation, and dual straps. Universal to 17.5" 81330 15-2728 Lace-Up Ankle Brace Flexible and soft canvas ankle brace with rigid plastic medial/lateral inserts is light enough to wear for athletic activity. Measure ankle circumference. XS 5.5"-7" 165XS 06-6118 SM 7"-8.5" 165S 06-8106 MD 8.5"-10" 165M 07-3577 LG 10"-11.5" 165L 08-1745 XL 11.5"-13" 165XL 08-5910 BraceYourself For Action Elastic Ankle Support Comfortable and breathable elastic ankle support has open toe and heel. SM 7"-8.5" 99360S 34-6072 MD 8.5"-10.5" 99360M 35-0496 LG 10"-11.5" 99360L 34-8276 XL 11.5"-13.5" 99360XL 31-6422 Junior Ankle Support Therapeutic warmth for weak or injured ankles, open heel with low profile design. Universal to fit left or right. Ped LG 6.5"-7.25" PED501 07-4518 Youth 7.25"-8.5" PED507 07-3882 Bell-Horn Compressive Ankle Support Elastic ankle sleeve with an L-shaped visco elastic insert which, when the joint is moved, provides a massaging effect and helps to improve circulation around the ankle. Measure ankle circumference. SM 7.5-8" 229S 22-5268 MD 8"-9" 229M 22-1176 LG 9"-10" 229L 51-3499 XL 10"-11" 229XL 22-3677 Elastic Ankle Support Elastic slip- on ankle support with open heel and open toe.Measure ankle circumference. Beige SM 7"-8.5" 190S 08-7528 Beige MD 8.5"-10" 190M 09-2718 Beige LG 10"-11.5" 190L 09-9804 Beige XL 11.5"-13" 190XL 10-5056 Beige XXL 13.5"-15" 1902X 11-3068 ProStyle Ankle Wrap Neoprene ankle wrap with terry-cloth lining and compression closures for soft tissue ankle injury, sprains. Universal size. 306 15-1290 Therapeutic Ankle Support Elastic support with open toe with closed heel. Ultra-light, offers compression. Measure ankle circumference. SM 7"-8" 9S 26-7971 MD 8"-9" 9M 27-0199 LG 9"-10" 9L 27-7988 XL 10"-12" 9XL 06-1234 Stabilizing Ankle Support Flannel/mesh support with non- stretch “Figure 8” nylon straps, and heel lock. Measure circumference from base of the heel around ankle with athletic sock on. XS 10"-11" 228XS 11-4702 SM 11"-12" 228S 12-0030 MD 12"-13" 228M 12-5211 LG 13"-14" 228L 13-3769 XL 14"-15" 228XL 13-7505 Rigid Stirrup Gel & Air Brace has rigid plastic shell with two inside compartments, one of gel and the other pre-filled of air. SM 8.5" high 14000S 14-0053 MD 9" high 14000REG 14-7801 Tall LG 9.5" high 14000TRAINER 14-4667 Orthopedic Ankle Supports Aircast Air-Stirrup Aircell Ankle Brace Anatomically contoured shells with pre-inflated air cells and adjustable Velcro straps. 8" height, fits most adults 5'2"-5'6". Left 02BL 44-8928 Right 02BR 44-8969 11" height, fits adults over 5'4". Left 02AL 44-2921 Right 02AR 44-2947 Sport-Stirrup Ankle Brace Worn for prevention only, narrower than Training Ankle Brace (above) for less bulk in a regular or high-top athletic shoe. 9" height. Right 02DR 31-2850 Left 02DL 54-6002 AirSport Ankle Brace features semi-rigid encased shell, foam-filled aircell, coated fabric, ATF ankle cross-strap, integral forefoot/shin wraps, and automatic heel width adjustment. Size by shoe size: Medium - Men 7.5-11, Women 9-12.5. Large - Men 11.5+, Women 13+. MD Left 2MML 09-6099 MD Right 02MMR 09-7659 LG Left 02MLL 09-3799 LG Right 02MLR 08-9664