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84 Bell-Horn A-Force Night Splint for Plantar Fasciitis. Comfortable splint holds foot in a neutral position during sleep. Size by men’s or women’s shoe size. S/M M 5-10, W 5-9.5 14040S/M 17-5000 L/XL M 10.5-16, W 10-16 14040L/XL 18-2014 Bell-Horn Post-Op Shoe features breathable mesh upper, flexible sole, proper inner sole platform, cushioned rocker sole, and molded heel. Fits right or left foot. Size by men's or women's shoe size. Men SM 7-9 81133S 24-0226 Men MD 9-11 81135M 22-8593 Men LG 11-13 81137L 24-2511 Men XL 13+ 81138XL 24-4996 Women XS 2-4 81142XS 25-2767 Women SM 4-6 81143S 25-5869 Women MD 6-8 81145M 25-8079 Women LG 8+ 81147L 25-8418 Comfortland Medical Premium Air Walker features adjustable pneumatic fit, low-profile rocker bottom, and foam liner with easy hook/loop fastening straps. Size by men’s or women’s shoe size. Tall SM M 5-7, W 6-8 CK-323-2 54-1524 MD M 8-11, W 9-12 CK-323-3 54-1532 LG M 11-12.5, W 12-13.5 CK-323-4 54-1540 LowTop SM M 5-7, W 6-8 61-324-2 54-1490 MD M 8-11, W 9-12 61-324-3 54-1508 LG M 11-12.5, W 12-13.5 61-324-4 54-1516 Swede-O Walking Boot Lightweight, durable boot features wide foot bed, rocker bottom, low profile cushioned heel, adjustable hook/loop straps, and deluxe foam liner. Fits right or left foot. Size by men's or women's shoe size. Tall 16" height SM M 4-7.5, W 5-8.5 23812 06-7132 MD M 8-10.5, W 9-11.5 23813 06-6563 LG M 11-13.5, W 12-14.5 23814 06-5938 Short 11.5" height SM M 4-7.5, W 5-8.5 23712 06-5086 MD M 8-10.5, W 9-11.5 23713 06-4865 LG M 11-13.5, W 12-14.5 23714 06-8346 Futuro Therapeutic Arch Support Designed for all-day use. Adjustable wraps with removable, flexible inserts for customised levels of support. Thin profile can be worn with or without shoes. Universal size. 1 pair. 48510EN 65-5894 Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support Wraparound low-profile splint has soft flexible edges, breath- able, moisture-wicking straps, and durable cushion. Use on right or left foot, with or without a sock. Universal size. 48507EN 56-2249 Mueller Sports Medicine Arch Support feaures two adjustable wraparound hook-and-loop neoprene blend straps.Wear inside any shoe. Latex Free. Universal size. Each. Blister pack 46027 69-1584 Box 6427 83-2832 PFTape Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief System Disposable, one-time use support system for rapid heel pain relief. Includes one sole strip tape and one arch strip tape. Fits any size foot. Blister pack 26337 70-5756 Retail box 6327 83-3038 Swede-O Thermal Vent Plantar DR Nighttime plantar fasciitis relief. Provides warmth, gentle stretching, and light compression to promote healing. Fits both right and left foot. Size by men's or women's shoe size. SMM 6-7.5, W 7-9.5 72302 75-4895 MD M 8-10.5, W 10-11.5 L72304 75-4879 LG M 11-12, W 12-13.5 M72303 75-4887 Comfortland Medical Foot Drop Splint Lightweight injec- tion-molded polypropylene splint with adjustable calf cuff. Can be molded with heat gun and trimmed with scissors. Fit for most types of shoes. RT S/M 10.5"h CK-335-3-R 54-1557 RT L 11.5"h CK-335-4-R 54-1573 LT S/M 10.5"h CK-335-3-L 54-1565 LT L 11.5"h CK-335-4-L 54-1581 Procare Drop Foot Boot 90° upright frame with internal/external rotation in 10° increments helps control foot drop. Disposable poly/pile liner provides toe and heel protection. 90160 15-3213 Foot Splints, Plantar Fasciitis Supports, Post-Op Shoes