Unwavering Customer Commitment.

We deliver in the most trying conditions, even when others don't.

Our customers will tell you we've been the first vendor they've seen after a devastating hurricane or a record snowstorm. We know you are relying on us to get your patients their prescriptions, and our team will do what it takes to make that happen.

We take pride in our customer service. Each of our distribution centers is staffed with representatives who work with you personally for fast resolutions. Whether it's IT support, or a question about an order, your call is answered by a real person in your region who will work with you until you have what you need. It's no coincidence that our customer satisfaction is rated the highest in the industry.

About Us
We deliver in the most trying conditions, even when others don't.
When catastrophe strikes, our disaster response team is ready to deliver regular orders and emergency supplies.
Above: Smith Drug Company staff working with customers immediately following a hurricane.

Maximizing Success.

We offer our customers all the tools, products and services they need to thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Our portal is your resource for orders, updates and industry news. We offer the most extensive assortment of products available, including access to specialty medications, OTC, HME, brand and generic pharmaceuticals.

Our merchandisers and pharmacy experts can maximize your success as a business owner. Whether its guidance on setting up the front end or information on new offerings and products, our customers regularly share feedback on what a difference our team has made to their store. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

We offer the most extensive assortment of products available.
Our state of the art distribution centers send out thousands and thousands of orders every night – with the highest degree of accuracy.

Trust. Transparency.

We are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers and offer the best value in the industry.

We pride ourselves on relationships that have lasted generations because they are built on trust and transparency, but we aren't satisfied to rest on past success. We define ourselves by the service we provide, the solutions we bring to your pharmacy and the trust you place in us.

Our customer service departments are in our distribution centers because we know that working with local people committed to your pharmacy's success is important to you.

Customer Service
We offer the most extensive assortment of products available.
Our roots are in community pharmacy. Nearly 100 years ago, our founder opened a store that would become the inspiration for Smith Drug Company.

From Our Customers to You

We needed an emergency delivery for a patient and they got it to us. Everyone at Smith Drug Company works to make sure we are able to take care of our patients. We have done better financially with Smith and gotten great service. They have kept their word with us and that is golden.

Steve, R.Ph.

My rep was willing to meet with me after hours to get me started. Whenever you call them, they are there for you with personalized service. Their service makes you a better pharmacist; they are a partner to help you get what you want out of your business.

Samir, R.Ph.

I am probably one of Smith Drug Company's best advocates because of their customer service. Our previous wholesaler was having supply issues. There were multiple shortages on our shipments; Smith Drug Company was able to step in and get us what we needed in a timely fashion. A hurricane came through our area, our rep actually delivered our order in his vehicle when delivery trucks couldn't get through. He made sure that all of his stores had what they needed to stay open and serve customers.

Paige, PharmD, R.Ph.

Our Committment to You

Smith Drug Company is committed to exceptional customer experiences. Focused on Independent Community Pharmacy and Long Term Care Pharmacy, Smith Drug Company is proud to be the wholesaler of choice for generations of pharmacy owners. We offer a full array of products and services to deliver healthier business and patient outcomes.