What is your WOW | Smith Drug Company

Does your wholesaler make you say WOW?

Don't take our word for it - if your pharmaceutical wholesaler is not making you say "WOW!", listen to what our customers say about their experiences with us.

Raj Patel

Raj Patel, R.Ph., Port Saint John Discount Pharmacy, Florida

Raj Patel, R.Ph.
Port Saint John Discount Pharmacy

Paige Hamilton

Paige Hamilton, R.Ph., PharmD, Owner, Realo Discount Drugs, North Carolina

Paige Hamilton, PharmD, R.Ph., Owner
Realo Discount Drugs
North Carolina

Rich Pinckney

Rich Pinckney, R.Ph., Owner, Rx City Pharmacy, New York

Rich Pinckney, R.Ph., Owner
Rx City Pharmacy
New York

Josh Harrison

Paige Hamilton, R.Ph., PharmD, Owner, Realo Discount Drugs, North Carolina

Josh Harrison, PharmD
Clinchfield Drug Company

Jane Snyder

Jane Snyder, R.Ph., Blountville Drug Company, Tennessee

Jane Snyder, R.Ph.
Blountville Drug Company

Steve Hebel

Steve Hebel, R.Ph., Executive Director, Corum Health Services, Missouri

Steve Hebel, R.Ph., Executive Director
Corum Health Services

Learn more about the Smith Drug Company difference. Find out why our customers say WOW! Give us your contact information and one of our knowledgeable Pharmacy Business Consultants will help you learn more.

We think you deserve WOW, which is why:

  • We have dozens of programs and services to deliver healthier business and patient outcomes.
  • Our pricing transparency tools let you know where your business stands with real-time pricing.
  • HealthWise Pharmacy® Solutions maximize your productivity
  • We believe in community pharmacy - we have customer relationships that last generations.
  • We deliver in the most trying conditions, even when others don't.
  • Our customer satisfaction scores are the highest in the industry.
  • Live customer service representatives work with you personally for fast resolutions.
  • We offer the most extensive assortment of products available, including access to specialty medications.